There are a lot of terrible quotations out there, shared primarily on Facebook, and it bugs me.

Here’s where I’ve seen them, and then the actual source.

  1. Success is never as interesting as struggle.” — Willa Cather
  • Where did I see it?: A Riffle post on Facebook
  • Is it correct?: Mostly. Willa Cather wrote it; however, it doesn’t appear in My Antonia, which that Riffle post might suggest.
  • Source: The Song of the Lark, 1932 Edition. It’s from the preface, and that site is the closest I can get you online.
  • Full quotation: “The chief fault of [The Song of the Lark] is that it describes a descending curve; the life of a successful artist in the full tide of achievement is not so interesting as the life of a talented young girl ‘‘fighting her way,’’ as we say. Success is never so interesting as struggle—not even to the successful, not even to the most mercenary forms of ambition.